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Bush House Pangalanes Canal Hotel offers walking tours around the hotel and water activities on Ampitabe lake. You can also relax on the numerous dedicated spots!


Ampitabe lake is the right place for water activities. Our Kayaks are free of use.

You can also swim just in front of the hotel where a white-sand beach is waiting for you. Depending on weather conditions, the water at the foot of the hotel can be so crystal-clear that it looks like a coral reef lagoon.

Boat trips are available from the hotel at extra charge. We recommend you to do the one going to wild Indian ocean, 10mn away: the best place for a sunset drink!


Walk tours around Bush House Pangalanes Canal Hotel are safe and easygoing.

  • Indian Ocean walk: it is an easy 30-minutes walk with a small river crossing. At the end: an unspoiled, endless and empty beach with the sound of the waves breaking… just amazing! (Bush House can also bring you there with a speed boat)
  • The Nephentes Lake: a short walk to this lake behind Bush House’s hill, where you can see these Malagasy carnivore plants
  • Hike to the top of the hill: without leaving the hotel’s area, you hike to the top of the hill. Once you are up, you can admire different shades of blue and green. You can enjoy wise view on Ampitabe lake and the tropical forest surrounding the hotel, with the Indian Ocean as a backdrop.
  • Lemurs’ private reverse: A guide will take you through a forest to see several species of lemurs. You will also see there a range of endemic palms, orchids and exotic plants.


Bush House Pangalanes Canal Hotel is also a great place to relax. We equipped several places with sofas, hammocks for you to rest while enjoying the beautiful and unique view on Ampitabe lake.