Bright green | In the heart of Tropical East


Lemurs are watching you! | Visit the private reserve


Bush House's Deck | The way to Paradise

Watch the wild Indian Ocean | Time for a sunset drink

Fisherman in a Pirogue | Pangalanes daily life



In 2016, we called a real film maker to enhance the wonderful surroundings of Bush House Pangalanes Channel Lodge. The outcome was these two beautiful movies that we share today with you: The occasion for you to get a foretaste of the place before coming visiting it!

In these videos, you will see the Ampitabe Lake and the place called Ankan’ny’nofy (“Nest of Dreams” in Malagasy), where the Bush House is set up.

The video credit is Nicolas Rakotopare. Passionate of Fauna and Flora, this malagasy biologist expatriated in Australia to join his two passions: Photography and Nature. He travels often in Asia to study primates and come from time to time in Madagascar. We enjoyed is visit in 2016 to work with him on these two movies.


Discover the Bush House, Pangalanes Channel Lodge in this short movie. You can see the Fair Trade in Tourism Logo as a sign of our commitment to follow sustainable tourism principles in Madagascar.


Want to see more? This second movie is here. You can see in action the 3 main activities in Bush House Pangalanes Channel Lodge: Exploring, Kayaking and of course relaxing. Without mentioning the excellent food served by chef Patrice!