In the village of Ampahantany, nearby Fair Trade Hotel Madagascar – Bush House, you can find a local school house. In 1994 this school building, including most of the books, were completely destroyed by two strong cyclones.
Following the visit of a German embassy member in Bush House in 1996, the German Government granted a financial support of DM 15.000. Unaided by the Madagascar Education Ministry, Bush House involved the local population for reconstruction, planning and to keep on the fund raise.


The rebuilding started with the seek of an affordable building contractor. Then came the “crusade” to find cheap building materials, transportation, class furniture (benches, tables, school books…). In August, the students’ parents agreed on helping for free in the building, especially of handling operations and roof covering. All the building materials were assembled on site (Building blocks, framework, doors and windows…). The class furniture came with the train. The February 15th, 1997, 3 years after the cyclones, classes started!

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Today the school has 200 students and one teacher that are always happy to meet and exchange cultural experiences with visitors of Bushhouse. Talk to the teacher and students, and perhaps even join a class to improve your Malagasy language skills.

The Ampahantany village and school can be reached via boat or by a 20 minute walk from Bush House – Fair Trade Hotel Madagascar. You can visit the School and support it with donations. Donations are collected by Bush House to provide pens, paper, paints… to the school every year.

The new project is to open a primary class, the initiative comes from the villagers by itself this time!
Find out more: https://boogiepilgrim-madagascar.com/sustainable-tourism/