Boogie Pilgrim wish a warm welcome to Ash Dykes for his second journey in Madagascar! This is the man we need for the British market to promote tourism in Madagascar. The Malagasy tourism sector count on this 26-years-old adventurer.

In 2016, he crossed Madagascar by foot from South (Cape Sainte Marie) to North (Amber Cape). For this first trip, he was representing a British NGO supporting the lemur protection. This animal endemic to Madagascar is indeed endangered. He walked 3000km and climbed the 8 tallest mountains of the country during this journey. During his expeditions, the adventurer filmed documentary movies showing the nature, landscapes and Madagascar’s biodiversity. The movies were broadcasted on international TV channels like BBC. Meanwhile, Ash Dykes used social networks to tell his adventures to his followers. This media and sport achievement worth him the title of “Malagasy Tourism Ambassador” in the UK.


Ash Dykes is one of these opinion leader on social medias. His tips, adventures, and opinions are followed by thousands of fans. “His interventions in the different media channels such as BBC, allowed to the British people to get a better idea of Madagascar destination”, said Joel Randriamandranto, president of Madagascar Tourism Board. This is of course helping them choosing Madagascar as their next holidays destination.


After his videos and testimonials on social networks, this ambassador of the tourism in Madagascar has published a book: “Mission Possible”. He tells us in this book his craziest adventures. Published in English, a Chinese version is in preparation.


For his 2nd journey in Madagascar, Ash Dykes has a direct impact on tourism in Madagascar. Indeed he leads a group of tourist willing to trek with him. A part of the profits will be donated in favor of the lemur protection. You can follow his adventures on his facebook’s page.