ATTA Summit 2017: Meet with Sonja and Patrice in Salta, Argentina in October

The adventure revolution continues in Salta, Argentina for the ATTA Summit 2017! Sonja and Patrice is going to meet with their colleagues and speak about how to travel to Madagascar. The ATTA (Adventure Travel Trade Association) selected speakers and topics that exemplify the theme’s spirit, which was inspired by the gauchos of Salta. These independent gauchos united a community with shared values and protected a country they cared for, one renowned for some of the world’s highest biodiversity.


The theme chosen for this 14th edition: Unite, Protect, Lead

the fourteenth annual Adventure Travel World Summit will make us discover the diversity of Argentina: the deserts of the Puna; the verdant jungles of Iguazú; the multicolored mountains of Salta; Patagonia and the Andes; the wine routes; and the rich culture and folklore found throughout the country.

The agenda of these 4 days will include:

Keynotes: Such as the one from Robert Swan, founder of 2041 foundation. His 900-mile journey to the South Pole, ‘In the Footsteps of Scott,’ stands as the longest unassisted walk ever made on earth. Other notable keynote is the one from Keith Henry, CEO/Chair of Aboriginal Tourism Association of Canada. He will speak about adventure travelers willing to connect with local or indigenous communities and how tourism companies can help them to do so.

-Workshops: Identifying and Activating Your Influencers, Tomorrow’s Adventure Traveler, Boosting Sales With Travel Agent and Supplier Partnerships, Building a Culture of Inclusion in Adventure Travel… are some of the topics that will be discussed during the ATTA Summit 2017.

-Networking coffee breaks: The 130 attending members of ATTA (Inbound tour operators) will be able to introduce their destinations to a range of buyers: Outbound tour operators, travel agencies, bloggers, journalists. The good occasion for Sonja & Patrice to introduce how to travel to Madagascar, a land full of adventures!

To start the event, the ATTA Summit 2017 invite everybody to a day of adventure in Argentina. A busy week so!