Madagascar Tourism Federation: Corner stone the 20th of September 2017

The tourism private sector met last September 20, 2017 in Antananarivo to set up a Federation dedicated to the tourism in Madagascar. During a long, very long day, the participants have elaborated all the required documents to set up this Federation. They worked together on the Madagascar tourism federation statuses, intern rules and ethic code.

All the set up rules will allow to follow a common strategic view in order to support Madagascar tourism sector to grow. A provisional administration board as also been elected. It is Patrice Raoull, development director at Boogie Pilgrim and co-founder of Boogie Events who has been elected President of this provisional board. Other members of the board are Lytah Razafimahefa (Vice-President) and Mirana Ralison (Treasurer). The 32 founding members who elected this board are composed of associations, groups and private businesses. “The idea of this Federation is not new, we started to work on it for a year already. But the outcome is only visible today”, explained Patrice during his first speech.

This federation is based on the tourism professionals’ experience who gathered their knowledge for a sustainable development of tourism sector in Madagascar. Patrice added “this outcome is not only relying on the private sector, but also on several technical partners including the World Bank. This federation is a tool allowing us to weigh more during governmental negotiations. Our goal is to help Madagascar tourism sector to grow”. Indeed the tourism private sector have a hard time making their voices heard and negotiating with public and broader public sectors (Including Air Madagascar…).

For example, “The private sector did not know whom to refer to when facing issues with the new Airport taxes (Related to the renovation of Antananarivo and Nosy Be airports). Negotiations between tourism and public sectors did not go through because our actions were scattered”, explained a founding member of the Madagascar Tourism federation.

From now on, this Tourism Federation will be the only private sector’s speaker for the Government, fund providers and international organizations.

Moreover, members of this new organization wanted to be clear about the tasks’ repartition with the Madagascar Tourism Board (ONTM). ONTM will be in charge of promoting Madagascar’s destination worldwide. It will not have to speak out for the private sector’s interests anymore. It is now the role of Madagascar tourism federation to unite everyone around a common goal: enhance Madagascar competitiveness in regard to other tourism destinations.

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