Since 2015, Boogie Pilgrim is approved by Fair Trade Tourism®

With our long term commitment on sustainability (Double certification FTT® for our lodges), Boogie Pilgrim has been approved recently by South African NGO Fair Trade Tourism® which promotes responsible tourism in Africa.

The “approved” label means that Boogie Pilgrim is approved by the NGO to sell labelized Fair trade holidays.

Boogie Pilgrim commits to the Fair Trade Code of Conduct:

We manage our business fairly, transparently and sustainably

  • Our business is legally registered
  • Our business meets all legal requirements for tax, employee registration & payment, social security and health and safety
  • Our business has sufficient public liability insurance
  • Our business keeps records of all employees contracts
  • Our employees receive equal pay for equal work
  • Our business is committed to the prevention of exploitation of children


We have fair supplier relationship

  • Our business honours the cancellation terms stipulated by product suppliers, including refunds for late cancellations
  • Our commission structure does not exceed acceptable industry norms
  • We pay supplier invoices according to contractual obligations within an agreed time frame


We are transparent with our customers

  • Our marketing material accurately depicts the products we sell
  • Our customers receive information on relevant laws and customs in the destination country
  • Our customers receive information on safety and security in the destination country


We actively support Fair Trade Tourism®

  • We actively promote Fair Trade Tourism®, FTT® certified products and FTT® Holidays on our website and in our marketing material
  • Our employees who sell FTT® holidays have undergone appropriate training on FTT® principles and criteria
  • We report our contribution to Corporate Social Investment projects to FTT® on annual basis

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