In 2016, Boogie Pilgrim opens two tours with disabled access!

Responsible tourism is not just about gathering terms for a fair trade and sustainable tourism in favor of local populations. It is also make tourism accessible as much as possible to everybody, no mather their physical condition.

As many developping countries, few efforts has been made by national institutions on disabled access. Therefore, it is up to the private sector to make what it is needed to make discover the Malagasy natural beauty!

In this purpose, Boogie Pilgrim launches from 2016 brand new tours to disabled people.

You are a disabled traveller? Find below few Q&R to reassure you:

Where do I sleep? Selected hotels have all a dedicated rooms along your needs.

How do I move ? Road and Sea transportations are all equiped with access ramps.

What about visits? The main attraction in MAdagascar is of course its National parks! Thanks to the support of several kinesytherapists, we create our own local one-wheeled chair! Maybe less estetic than the occidental ones’… but equally strong and comfortable! It’s thanks to it that you will be abble to admire inland Fauna and flora!

Discover our two accessible tours at the page “Tours” of the website!

We remain of course at your disposal for all extra information at the “contact” page. We are waiting for you in Madagascar!