Whales in Madagascar: Watch their migration

A parade of whales in Madagascar. From Antarctica, they traveled 5000km to breed or litter in the warm tropical waters. A migration that happens during southern winter. In the 80’s, the specie was about to extinct, but since then the Indian ocean has become a sanctuary for this huge cetaceans and the population of whales in Madagascar is increasing year on year. We count today 80 000. In Mangily, a village 30km away from Tulear, in south-western Madagascar, the season of Humpback whales is at its peak.

At the exit of the lagoon, once the coral reef passed, the search for whales blasts begins. It is thanks to these warm-air exhalations that the sailors spot these giants of the sea. Observation of a tail fin, a hump or a jump for the luckiest.

Jean-Pierre Roche organize whales safaris when people want to travel to Madagascar, but also sensitization workshops in Mangily village: “When we speak about sensitization, it concerns mainly the local population with the children and with the local authorities: in order for them to understand that the presence of Whales is an incredible treasure for Madagascar, a great gift to have them in their county. Its is mainly these two populations that need to be sensitized”.

For Vezo fishermen, the ethnic group leaving in south western Madagascar, the meeting with this huge marine mammals is generally worrying.

“The Vezo don’t go closer to the whales, but whales comes to them. Fishermen are afraid of them, they are huge, while their pirogues are small, 5mts long only. So we stay quiet on our boats, we watch around us because the whales are big, they can break our boats and make us fall in the water. Whale in Malagasy means “monster of the sea”, explains Daniel, a Vezo fishermen.”
When adults, humpback whales can be at last 15mts long and weigh 30 tons!
Source : RFI, 07-31-2017
Boogie Pilgrim offers to travel Madagascar and watch Humpback Whales during their migration.