Mount Chameleon | Mount Tsaranoro

Andringitra Mountainous Chain | Viewed from the sacred forest

Morning walk | The Camp viewed from the other side of the river

Authentic Place | Welcome to the valley

Sunset in the Valley | Red colors



Pic Boby Madagascar

A logistic preparation is required, please inform us when booking if you intend to go inside the Andringitra national park with us. Our tours are from 2 to 4 days with camping inside the camp to spend the night. All tours begins from the hotel. Off course, the most famous tour is to hike to the top of Pic Boby, inside Andringitra National Park. But there are other tours available :

  • Pic Boby : 4 days / 3 nights
  • Diavolana Tour : 3 days / 2 nights

Have an outlook of Andringitra national park in this photo gallery.


Hara Aravatra Tour

For those who are not interested in hiking Pic Boby for several days, here is a short walk of half a day for you! This tour has a high level difference but only in a short distance. Start is across the rice fields then we will climb at the top of a hill for one hour. We begin to walk down the hill then change our direction to a small forest were you can see Catta lemurs. There is one hour walk left to reach the camp, with a nice overview on the rice fields and the surrounding villages.

Sacred Forest and Village Tour

4 hours tour. This tour begins with the dirt track used by the local population across the rice fields. You will go through Andonaka village and visit the green school of Tsaranoro. Then you will go to the sacred forest by a small track. You are now in the lemur Catta territory’s. The sacred forest is also a place where you will be abble to see lots of Bara’s and Betsileo’s gravestones (2 local ethnic groups). A natural pool will refresh you during your tour. You will go on to staired rice fields. The village of “Soavahiny” (“Where the foreigners are welcome”) is not far anymore. At last and just before going back to the camp, you will enjoy a very instructive visit of the clinic.

Chameleon Hike

This hike is one day long. From the camp, 4 hours walk to reach the top of the Chameleon. The last part of the hike is more difficult, especially for those who are scared of heights. Once to the top, you will have an outstanding view on the Tsaranoro valley, where the Tsara Camp is. The picnic lunch will eaten there to let you enjoy. Count 2 hours to walk down the valley. On your way down, you will see several species of endemic plants such as Euphorbia, Pachypodium resolatum, Aloes and Kalanchoe.

Tsaranoro Hike

This hike is one day long. You will leave early in the morning. You will walk between 4h and 4h30 to reach the top of the Tsaranoro. You will be on the back side of the Tsaranoro as the front side is only accessible by climbing. In between the 2 hills, you will see Bara’s gravestones inside. The last part of the hike is more technical. When you will be on the top, you will enjoy an outstanding view of the south side of Madagascar. The picnic lunch will be eaten on the top. To walk down, it will take you 3 hours.


Climbing in Madagascar

There are about 30 climbing ways open from level 3 to 8b in the Tsaranoro massive. Among the world’s best-known ways you have:

  • Pectorine : 350 mtrs
  • Southern cross : 300 mtrs
  • Out of Africa : 580 mtrs
  • Karam Chameleon : 350 mtrs

Initiated climbers: You will climb in full autonomy. Climbing gear rental is available. A logistic support can be provided too.

Beginners: Unfortunately there is no climbing instructor in the valley. Therefore you must tell us at least 1 month in advance if you want to climb when being in Tsara Camp. 2 monitors are living outside the valley and therefore need to organize their schedules.