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Indri Indri or Babakoto

One of the typical fauna flora Pangalanes Channel ‘s specimen is the Indri Indri. It can only be found in the Eastern rain forest. With a weight of 7 to 10 kg they are the largest lemurs living nowadays. They are about 70 cm height and have a short tail. The color of their fur is mostly black and white. Indri Indri lives in groups of 2 to 5 members. Females are dominating over males. These diurnal lemurs mark their territory with extremely loud morning calls. They are strictly vegetarian, predominantly eating young leaves, flowers and fruits. They move from trunk to trunk in upright position.

Sifaka – Propithecus Verreauxi

These lemurs weight between 3 to 5 kg, and measure about 45 cm with a 55 cm tail. Their woolly fur is mostly white and the top of the head is brown. Their ears are short and hidden by the fur. They live in family groups of 2 to 12 members. Females are dominating over males. The Verreaux’s Sifaka move vertically between trees. On the ground, they hop on their back legs. Their vegetarian diet includes leaves, flowers and fruits, depending on the season. These diurnal lemurs spend the night sleeping in plant nests, high up in the trees. During the day they sunbathe with outstretched arms and legs.

Varecia Variegata

The Black-and-White Ruffed Lemur can be found in the eastern rain forest of Madagascar. Head and body length is approximately 60 cm with a tail of about 60 cm. The hind limbs are shorter than the body. They typically have a black fur whereas limbs, back, flanks and ears are white. They live in multi-male and multi-female groups. They are diurnal and live on a diet of fruit, seeds, leaves and nectar. Generally they stay close to the tree tops, sunbathing during daytime.

Bamboo Lemur

In the evening, you’ll encounter a little group of Gray Bamboo Lemurs close to the Restaurant. Members of the genus Hapalemur are best known for a diet dominated by bamboo.Their size doesn’t exceed 60cm including tail and maximum weight is around 850g. Some are active a certain amount of time at night and might jump on your Bungalow’s roof.


Pangalanes channel is a paradise for generous plants living in the rain forest: Typhonodorum, Carex, Cyperus, Pandanus, Fimbristylis, Melaleuca and Scirpus, and to a lesser extent Nymphaea and Najas water-lilies. There are also Casuarina, Cocos, and Musa plantations. Discover few of them in this gallery.
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