Madagascar has taken action in regards to the fast spread of the coronavirus worldwide, especially in Africa. All regional and international flights are suspended from Friday, March 20 for 30 days (April 20), according to the decision taken in a special coronavirus cabinet at the state palace. “The objective is the protection of all Madagascans from this pandemic and also to allow all Madagascan nationals abroad to return to the country,” according to the President of the Republic, Andry Rajoelina, yesterday. As a reminder, no case has been reported yet.

The latter wrote a letter to all members of the government urging everyone to take a personal part in the fight against the coronavirus. “Our duty is to protect our country from this pandemic. We must therefore apply very seriously all the decisions taken to protect our borders and especially our people”, he said to all members of the government.

All Malagasy nationals and Malagasy ambassadors posted or those who are abroad for health reasons have the right to return to Madagascar until Thursday at 11 p.m. and 59 minutes.

To end the controversy of recent days on the quarantine of passengers from countries at risk, it was announced that there would be 17 hotels that can accommodate all Malagasy and foreign nationals requiring a quarantine of 14 days . All related expenses are the responsibility of the Malagasy state and WHO”, according to the latest measure taken during this ministerial council.

All the health personnel and all the scientists, all the students of the faculties of medicine and all the paramedical students at the end of their studies throughout the Big Island are ready to reach out to help the Madagascan state to fight against the spread of this virus in the country, according to the press release.

[Source: La Tribune de Madagascar, March 18, 2020]