We offer a captivating trip by private plane over the South-West of the great island.

Fly over the mountains of the Tsaranoro Valley, the semi desertic canyons of Isalo, the Mozambique Channel and the famous Tsingy of Bemaraha.

All the way, visits of Parks rich in fauna and flora, encounters with lemurs and many other “weird” endemic animals and plants, discover tradition and hospitality of remote villages living out of the 21st century. Then relax in Salary (a Robinson Crusoe experience) : crystal clear and amazingly emerald green sea, sandy fine white beach, colourful coral reef, a remote Vezo village set on the sandy dunes… You are facing 3 successive coral reefs : Salary offers world class diving spots. You will also discover Andavadaoka, on the coastline with its sandy white beach, crystal clear emerald green sea, colorful coral reefs … Time here seems to have stopped a long time ago.

Final highlights of the trip : the famous Morondava’s Baobab Alley and the Bemaraha National Park, mainly known for its razor edged tsingy, a peculiar rock formation unique to Madagascar.