The airline company from Mayotte, Ewa Air (Air Austral subsidiary), just opened a line Nosy Be Diego Suarez with a twice-a-week frequency (Tuesdays and Thursdays). It will be a 3-months test but this historical line will reinforce the ambition of Diego Suarez’s airport to become a regional hub. The ATR-72 from EWA AIR has landed at Arrachart Airport (Diego) Tuesday 16 at 02.47pm with 26 passengers aboard. 20 passengers were from Reunion Island and 6 from Nosy Be. For the return flight, the plane was full with 63 passengers: 46 from Mayotte Island and 17 from Madagascar.

This airline reopening, after 3 years interruption, is the result of a request from the regional economic operators to the President and supported by local rulers. “This flight is original and innovative. Especial since the whole Diana region (Diego Suarez) is focusing on tourism as a leverage of development. It is a growing region with full of trade & business opportunities”, said the regional representative Eddie Tongazara during a short interview.

Alain Bel, Ewa Air commercial representative, take the opportunity to introduce the line between Diego Suarez and Paris, via Nosy Be. He also pleaded local authorities to ease the passengers’ life on arrival, especially with customs procedures. “They come from far, they are tired, we need to lighten the procedures”.

N.B. (Note From Boogie): As a reminder, we offer tours in Northern Madagascar. In our tours, the Nosy Be Diego Suarez liaison is currently done by road and boat in order to include a stop in Ankarana National Park (Grey Tsingy). With this opportunity offered by Ewa Air, we now can sell other itineraries in Northern Madagascar.

Tours in Nosy Be Diego Suarez are available at this link: Nosy Be

Source : Express de Madagascar 01-19-2018