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Fisherman on the Canal | Daily life in the Pangalanes



BOOGIE’S SOLIDARITY is a Malagasy nonprofit organization created by Sonja Gottlebe & Patrice Raoull, CEO and Project manager at BOOGIE PILGRIM Group, both long-time experienced in Sustainable Tourism and Humanitarian work.

 The association’s aim is to improve social, health and environmental precarious situations of the communities, primarily in the neighborhood of our lodges.

 It is in this context that BOOGIE’s SOLIDARITY has identified a first project on the Pangalanes Canal, east coast of Madagascar, rural commune of Ambodivontaka with three components:

– Improvement of schooling conditions for children in Haragnana and Ambodivontaka primary schools

– Prevention of health risks

– Preservation of environmental capital.

 Several members of our staff (40%) are from these village communities. We invite you to visit them by boat followed by a small canoe river trip as well as an easy hike in betsimisaraka immersion.

If you wish to support our movements, all details of the current projects are available on our website contact us!