The epidemic spread of plague in Madagascar is over. But it has seriously damaged the tourism sector. A 15% cancellation rate has been estimated by the local tour operators, in October and November (Peak season).

Yet, the World Health Organization (WHO), which ranked level 2 (out of 3) the plague episode, did not recommended any travel interdiction during the crisis. Doctor Eric Bertherat is a epidemic specialist for WHO: “The risk for a tourist traveling in normal conditions, and the huge majority of them do so, to get the plague in Madagascar is extremely low and very easy to avoid”.

It is the same outcome coming from the meeting held in London during last World Travel Market (WTM). The WHO, leaded by its secretary-general Mr Taleb Rifai, said: “We acknowledge the challenges Madagascar and its tourism ministry had to face regarding the damaging crisis situation. But today, the WHO representatives give their full approval. Visiting the country is completely safe for the visitors. WHO do not recommend any travel or trade restrictions with Madagascar”.

This international communication imitative was in order to stop the cancellations still occurring for the tourism sector in Madagascar, and to reaffirm that the destination is not at risks. “Modern sanitary procedures have been set up in Madagascar. Corporal temperature is taken at the airport for each passenger arriving or leaving the country “, said Taleb Rifai.

Reminder: Taleb Rifai came in person the 1st November in Madagascar. He tried to stop the cancellations crisis and support the tourism sector in Madagascar. During his journey, he already claimed : “Tourists have nothing to fear in Madagascar”.

The decline of notified cases of plague in Madagascar let us think that the epidemic episode is now over. The plague in Madagascar, which strikes the counrty every year, is now considered has handled. It has killed 135 people in the country.

Boogie Pilgrim team express his solidarity to the affected families and keep on being cautious for the sanitary safety of our visitors.


Sources: RFI, L’express de Madagascar, Le Monde