2 100


3 days / 2 nights

  • Visit of the most popular park in Madagascar: Andasibe Mantadia National Park
  • Meet with the biggest lemur of all: The Indri Indri
  • 108 bird species
  • 51 reptile species
  • 14 lemur species
  • 84 amphibian species
  • Extend your trip: Pangalanes Channel, Tamatave, Sainte Marie Island


On your way down to Tamatave or up to Antananarivo, visit Andasibe Mantadia national park in the Eastern region of Madagascar. It is a must-see for all nature lovers!

Stretching across 154 square kilometers of eastern Madagascar, Andasibe Mantadia National Park is a place of great beauty and biodiversity. You’ll know you’ve arrived when you hear the peculiar call of the Indri, the largest living lemur in existence, which can reach up to one meter in height. The region is swathed with thick tropical rain forests made up of lush ferns, tangled lianas, hundreds of orchid species and myriad other jungle flora and teeming with a diverse array of endemic wildlife. Visitors can enjoy spectacular hikes, discover hidden waterfalls, and hunt for rare orchids.

Regarding accommodation, the nearby village of Andasibe offers all kind of rooms for all budgets. In peak season, all the hotels are often fully booked: Book in advance with Boogie Pilgrim!

After your visit of the Andasibe Mantadia national park (between 2 and 3 days), extend your tour to the Eastern coast, visit our Pangalanes Channel Hotel, Tamatave & Sainte Marie Island. Ask for your quote for the Eastern Tour by Boogie Pilgrim.

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