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5 days / 4 nights

  • Visit the parks and reserve in Tana
  • Historical visits with royal palaces
  • Shopping in handcraft markets
  • Tropical forest of Anjozorobe


Visit Antananarivo, the capital city of Madagascar located right in the middle of the island. Usually called « Tana » by its inhabitants, this city is noisy, crowded and often polluted. But Tana is also colorful and lively with these markets at every street’s corners and the numerous stairs leading you up and down the hills. Take time to raise up your eyes and you will be pleasantly surprised with the architectural treasures that are hidden spread over the city!

With the visit of the Queen’s Palace in the upper city, the visit of the King’s Palace in Ambohimanga, a UNESCO’S world heritage site, will dig you in Malagasy History. You will learn about the origin and meaning of the city’s name “Antananarivo” and more!

Tana has also Fauna and Flora, as the rest of the country :

  • Tsarasaotra Bird-life Sanctuary: In the middle of city, while visit Antananarivo, you will find this haven of peace. Tsarasaotra Bird-life Sanctuary is a home for about 70 different species of birds, among them the rarest Malagasy Pond Heron and the Meller’s duck. Sonja Gottlebe, founder of Boogie Pilgrim, achieved to list this strategic place for bird life survival in the RAMSAR conservation list.
  • Anjozorobe forest: Only 2 hours drive from Antananarivo, one of the last remaining part of the former Highlands’ rain forest. This forest is providing life for all the surrounding rural population. It is also the home of a great biodiversity: 11 species of lemurs (Indri, Diademed Sifaka, Mouse Lemur…), 82 bird species (43 of them are endemic = only existing in Madagascar). It is a dream place for nature lovers and birdwatchers.
  • The lemur’s park: theplace to be” for photographers. Inside this 8-acres-large park, you can meet with different species of lemurs living in semi-captivity. The ideal place to get closer to them, but not touch them! It is strictly forbidden by the park’s policy. The park also houses several species of turtles and a cute tropical garden.
  • Shopping: Visit Antananarivo is one part of the plan, but shopping definitely comes right after! Antananarivo gathers all kind of crafts you can find in Madagascar: wood carving, embroidery, leather goods, baskets, gemstones, “Antaimoro” paper… in short words, so much unique things that will remind you Madagascar, with your pictures.
  • Chocolate workshop: spend a wonderful time with chef Johary, from Café du Musée. You will learn and cook chocolate from Madagascar. Did you know that Madagascar has one of the best cocoa in the world? Famous chefs cook it in the best restaurants all around the world!

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