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05 days / 04 nights

  • 5 days in the Vakinankaratra region
  • Visit of Antsirabe
  • Accommodation and meals in villages
  • Discover Malagasy daily lifestyle
  • Extension to Tulear and Morondava available


The tour gathers 8 main sites of Vakinankaratra region along: Ambohindranandriana, Tsinjoarivo, Ambohiborona-Ambatofotsy, Ihasy, Anjazafotsy (Betafo), Andriambilany, Belazao and of course the main city of the region, Antsirabe.

The villagers will welcome you during this tour thanks to their training and the technical support of a local association. They will give you their warmest welcome and are ready to share strong moments with you.

You will be accommodated in traditional Malagasy houses with optimized comfort. Villagers will cook and serve generous meals and picnics for lunch time, made from locally produced food. The dinner will be the right time to eat and enjoy folkloric animations with traditional dances and songs from the region.

During the visits of Antsirabe region, you will cross several villages. You will be able to share the daily life of the inhabitants: the work on zebus’ horns, to create

During the visits of Antsirabe region, you will cross several villages. You will be able to share the daily life of the inhabitants: the work of zebus’ horn to create objects out of it, such as ornaments, vases, jewelry, kitchen tools. You will also see basketry work, for carpets, mats, hats… made from sisal & raffia. And other local productions such as carpentry, bamboo furniture, embroideries, cheese dairy, agriculture…

The 2 highlights of this tour are:

  • Ambohidranandriana : 17km West from Antsirabe, it is a former royal village. Ambohidranandriana is known because of the flora diversity you can find there, such as medicinal plants. You will also walk on the surrounding hills, filled with stories told by your guide.
  • Antsirabe : A central city in the highlands. Antsirabe is at the crossroads of all main cities of southern Madagascar (Toliara, Fort Dauphin) and the great West (Morondava). Antsirabe is surrounded by former volcano, that are turned to volcanic hills now. Sometimes, you can find a lake inside the former volcano crater. Antsirabe is also the former economic capital of Madagascar. A lot of companies’ headquarters remained here, despite Antananarivo’s economic growth. At last, the city as gemological wonders, with a precious and half precious stones market you can visit and shop in.

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