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7 days  / 6 nights

  • 7 days between desert plains and tropical forests
  • An almost untouched nature
  • Rare and endemic species
  • Parks admittance fees included


Fort Dauphin Madagascar is in the South-Eastern part of the island, bordering the Indian Ocean and one of the most beautiful coast of Madagascar. It is a charming touristic town, surrounded by three bays. The former colonial touch is still visible in the architecture with the white columned houses. The people have kept traditions and authenticity here. Most of it: Fort Dauphin is a place with breathtaking landscapes. Indeed Fort Dauphin is relatevely isolated from the rest of the Island, in the south-eastern tip of Madagascar. The region is only accessible by plane, unless you are a very patient traveler (Count 3 full days of drive minimum from Antananarivo to go there!). Because of this isolation, the environment is more preserved in this part of Madagascar than in the others.

This region is one of the most interesting in Madagascar, probably because of its highly diversified biodiversity and climate. Wet, green and luxurious, desert and mountainous all in the same place, Tolagnaro (name in Malagasy) has an identity of its own, that would be a shame not to speak about. Actually, this peninsula which shares the coastline into two separate bays, offers very pleasant walks: St. Louis’ Peak ascension, Bazar Be market or Libanona beach, the most beautiful beach in Fort Dauphin Madagascar.

But Fort Dauphin Madagascar also offers very interesting sites to visit, among them:

Andohahela National Park: A model of conservation with various species coming from all the country. Landscapes are changing inside the park, from the southern dry to the eastern tropical area.

Nahampoana private reserve: A former “Jardin d’Acclimatation” for numerous plants imported from abroad in the country during the colonial time. Endemic plants grow there too. Some parts of the reserve are wild while others are surprisingly well-kept! You will be able to relax too beside a natural pool, a waterfall or a river.

Evatra Tip and Lokaro Bay: A must do! You will cruise from Lanirano, this lake that connects with the sea, to reach Evatra tropical village. Then passing by the “cave of sacrifices”, where exorcism is still possible, to end on Lokaro creek. This dream place is made of several inlets where you can find carnivorous plants, birds of all kinds, aquatic plants and fishermen in pirogues. On you way back, you will walk on a coastal path that will lead you to one of the most beautiful view existing in Madagascar: Evatra village and the bays surrounding Fort Dauphin Madagascar!

Sainte Luce: Also known as Maniafiafy, this village has a breathtaking natural beauty. Sainte Luce is nestled between casuarinas and coconut trees. A beautiful white-sand beach borders it in a wide bay where famous French XVII century’s galleons used to anchor. In addition to these historical attractions, you can also visit “fort Flacourt”, named after the former governor of Fort Dauphin’s counter.

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