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14 days / 13 nights

  • Madagascar Food Tour on Creole-Malagasy cuisine
  • Cooking workshops: learn how to cook like a real Malagasy
  • Specialists will teach you about Malagasy rites & culture
  • Visit and procurement on the true Malagasy marketplaces
  • Tastings in the most renowned restaurants of the Island


Boogie Pilgrim offers you a totally exclusive Madagascar Food Tour. The Malagasy cuisine combines culinary traditions from the 18 ethnic groups of the Island. This cuisine is also influenced by foreigners who settled in, some of them a long time ago: Indians, French, or Chinese. We can consider this cuisine part of the “Indian Ocean Creole” cuisine, with some Madagascar specifics .

All around the coutry, the staple food is rice. Classic dish is hence a generous portion of white rice with a “side dish”: fish, meat, and/or vegetables. This is what we call “Vary Sy Loaka”. “Vary” means rice, “sy” means and, and “Loaka” means… something you put next to the rice to make the dish better!

Cuisine in generally spicy but most of the time the chili is in a pot, not directly in the food. The Loaka is generally served with a sauce or a broth made from rawness and perfumed with ginger, onions, or garlic.

The malagasy street food is often sweet fritters such as “Mofogasy”, “ramanonaka” and “menakely” sold along the streets next to the fresh tropical fruits shelves.

For this Madagascar Food Tour 2019, we invite you to discover the local specials and cook some of them. The tour will lead you from the South (From Antananarivo to Fianarantsoa) to the East (Antananarivo to the Pangalanes Channel). It will be animated by several presentations about Malagasy culture and cooking workshops, visits & procurement in the local markets: greengrocers, butchers, fisheries.

Ask for your tailor made tour in Madagascar!