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11 days / 10 nights

  • Itasy Volcanic area
  • Bongolava massive
  • Manambolo River
  • Bemaraha Tsingy National Park
  • Ending the tour in Morondava


This tour will lead you to the wild wild West of Madagascar. You will be way out of the beaten tracks: Hiking, canoeing on the Manambolo river and 4X4 tour on very, very dirt roads! Most of your nights will be spent under tents, as it is the only available accommodation on this route. You can still use your cellphone as a wedge for your chair, as connectivity is definitely will not be your problem anymore in this amazing remote area! This tour is only available during the dry season, from end of May to end of October.

4 stages to go from Antananarivo to the Western Madagascar:

  • Crossing the volcanic area of Itasy (3 days): You will discover volcanic craters around the Itasy lake. Then cross landscapes of hills and valleys. On your way, you will meet with convoys of zebu carts, carrying their harvests to the in-town markets during sometimes several hundred of kilometers.
  • Trekking through the Bongolava massive (2 days): you will walk trough wild landscapes of hills slashed by canyons due to erosion. It will be also an authentic meeting with the locals, who are using these trails too, as it is the only way to move from one place to another in this remote area.
  • Canoeing on the Manambolo river (4 days):  All the life along the Manambolo river is revealing just in front of our eyes, following the natural beat and the current that is slowly pushing us. Indeed the river has no rapids and no obstacles, only sand everywhere. It is between 50 cm to 1 mt deep in dry season (April to October). The level rises up a little during rain season (From mid-October).
  • Bemaraha Tsingy National Park (2 days): this extraordinary and unique geological formation is listed as World’s Natural Heritage by UNESCO. It is just indescribable, you must see it! The tour ends in Morondava, Western Madagascar’s main city.

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