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4 days / 3 nights

  • Masoala National Park is the most recent NP in Madagascar (1997)
  • The place is very remote and hence, exclusive
  • More than 100 bird species
  • 10 lemur species
  • 300 fish species
  • Visit Antongil Bay & Nosy Manga Be during your tour


Situated on the northeast peninsula of Madagascar, Masoala National Park is known for its incredible biodiversity. Ranging from flooded marshlands and coastal forests to mangroves, the habitats allow a number of animal species to live here, including aye-aye, red-ruffed lemur, Madagascan red owl and the extremely rare serpent eagle, which are all endemic to the peninsula. The Masoala National park is also home to chameleons, geckos, and frogs, as well as several species of butterflies and fish which are new to science. Visitors can swim at the clean, picturesque beaches and explore the corals at Tampolo, Ambodirafia and Marofototra offshore. Other activities include: snorkelling, sea kayaking, traditional pirogues, whale watching, and experiencing sustainable life in the rain forest with the local Malagasy community. The nearby Nosy Mangabe Island also offers more to discover, including traditional Malagasy tombs in a cave.

About accommodation, options are very limited here. Because of the remoteness of Masoala National park, very few tourists go there. The room offer is low and only a few places are decent enough to accommodate foreigners. Boogie Pilgrim work with the Masoala Forest Lodge, who offer a flight between Antananarivo and Maroantsetra, the closest landing strip in the area. Then you have to boat about 2 hours to reach the lodge. Choosing Masoala National park for your tour is a serious challenge that is worthwhile if you are looking for an unique wildlife experience, far away from the most popular national park in Madagascar.

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