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8 days / 7 nights

  • 5 days visiting Diego Suarez region
  • The magnificent 3 bays
  • Amber Mountain National Park
  • The drive + Boat between Diego Suarez Nosy Be
  • The stay in Nosy Be
  • Nosy Iranja visit


With this tour, you will discover the Northern part of Madagascar.  We will visit Diego Suarez (Antsiranana in Malagay) and Nosy Be Island.

Diego Suarez : This coastal town is firmly anchored in this huge bay. With the influence of Middle East and the former occupations of French and English marine troops, Diego Suarez has an unique History. Its cultural wealth is still visible thanks to the inhabitants, keeping some traditions alive. The “Antakarana”, inhabitants from the North, are known for their legendary hospitality.

This region gathers natural treasures for nature lovers looking for quiet & authentic discovery. Among these treasures :

  • The 3 Bays : Dunes Bay, Pigeons Bay and Sakalava Bay. All magnificent, with blue lagoon waters and white sand beaches bordered by casuarinas. The one day walk passing by these 3 bays will blow you mind. It is also the good place to do kite surfing during the windy season.
  • Amber Mountain National Park: this volcanic massif has waterfalls and lakes inside a tropical dry forest. You can also see there and only there, the 2nd smallest chameleon in the world.
  • Special Reserve of Ankarana or Grey Tsingy: Huge limestone pinnacles made out of erosion from rain and wind. An outstanding and indescribable spectacle… you must see it to believe it.

We will then drive to Ankify. It is from this little haven that we cross the sea to land on Nosy Be island.

Nosy Be Island: Nosy Be is also known as the “Island of scents”. Indeed the island is full of Ylang Ylang, Vanilla, pepper or coffee plants.  Nosy Be Island is one of the most popular tourism destination in Madagascar. It is a very beautiful island with luxurious vegetation, tourists go there to visit Nosy Iranja, Hell Ville, or Mount Passot. It is also the place where you can relax in very good-quality accommodations.  Nosy Be is also the starting point for cruises sailing to the surrounding fabulous archipelagos: Radama in the south and Mitsio in the North. Last but not least, Nosy Be will also delight water sports lovers: cruising, diving, kite surfing, sport fishing… A must do you don’t want to miss: snorkelling in Nosy Tanikely. This protected marine area is a real “open-air” aquarium. With your head only a few centimeters under the sea level, you can already see sea turtles swimming!

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