1 000


07 to 12 days

  • An authentic sailing adventure along Western Coast of Madagascar
  • Sleep on board
  • Migratory cruises for a real journey
  • Very unique experience on the island of Mozambique Channel
  • Arrival in the main cities of Madagascar: Easy to catch a back flight


If you are looking for a sea adventure, this tour is for you! A Madagascar cruise along the west of coast, in the Mozambique channel. During your Madagascar cruise you will discover places inaccessible by any other transportation means, far away from the beaten tracks. A very unusual way to travel Madagascar!

The boat itself is part of the Adventure. Indeed we offer you to board on a traditional Malagasy Dhow! The Dhow is a traditional schooner made of the hardest wood from Madagascar. It is originally from the Middle East and was adopted by Malagasy people during the silk road times. During the cruise and from time to time, the skipper will invite you to steer the 58-feet-long boat! Be reassured that the cruise don’t go far away from the coast. These kind of boats are not built for deep sea cruising.

Our intrepid passengers will sail in heart of Mozambique Channel, separating the African Eastern coast and Madagascar’s western coast. From island to island, anchoring in secret bays, meeting the local populations, exploring undiscovered and hidden villages, scuba diving, snorkelling and fishing is your schedule aboard!

Accommodation is on board with 8 beds in a dormitory, limited intimacy but comfort guaranteed! Sanitarians are outside & shower is taken with sea-water and rinse with clear-water. At last, comfort inboard: 24/7 electricity (solar energy), spacious lounge area, refrigerator & fresh beverages, large roofed place under the sails, for unusual lunches and dinners. We said adventure, remember?

Different tours are available depending on the season:

  • Migratory cruise from Morondava to Ifaty in April, back trip in May
  • Migratory cruise from Morondava to Majunga in May, back trip in December
  • Migratory cruise from Majunga to Nosy Be in June, back trip in November
  • Shorter cruises to the Radama Islands and the Mitsio Islands from Nosy Be Island, June to November

Ask for your tailor made tour in Madagascar!