2 000


6 days / 5 nights


  • 3 days cruising on Tsiribihina river
  • 2 nights in tents on the sand banks
  • 3 days to visit the famous Bemaraha Tsingy
  • Entrance fees to the national park included


Leaving from Miandrivazo, we board on barges to let us float along the Tsiribihina river, heading the Bemaraha Tsingy! It is an incredible cruise that will let you discover an unique Fauna & Flora, out of the beaten tracks of western Madagascar. The cruise is 150km long and last 3 days. 2 nights will be under tents, settled on the sand banks. The tour is particularly varied regarding landscapes: from the dry hills, you will pass a luxurious forest populated with various animals including lemurs, reptiles and birds. You will also see caves with giant bats inside, huge cliffs, and endless sand banks. At last, you will see your first baobabs, announcing the end of the cruise on Tsiribihina river. This cruise is also a good way to meet with the population and discover the life style here: Rice & tobacco cultivating, zebu farming, fishing and of course traditional laundering.

Then come your arrival at Bemaraha Tsingy National Park. Several ranges of accommodation are available there, from budget to luxe. Inside the Bemaraha Tsingy National Park several tours are offered for you to discover this magnificent & world’s unique place. Bemaraha Tsingy are made of limestone, sculpted by millions years of erosion. It is an unique experience to walk inside these cavities shaped by several-meters-high walls. You will hike, glide, even crawl sometimes for the tallest ones’ to find a way! You can visit the Bemaraha Tsingy National Park in a pirogue too. Tours are offered on the Manambola, this river circling the Bemaraha Tsingy National Park. You can appreciate better the size of the Bemaraha Tsingy with perspective: 72 340 acres! Bemaraha Tsingy are a must do in when visiting Madagascar, especially when you intend to visit western area. A lot of famous photographers came to take pictures here, don’t forget your camera !

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