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12 days / 11 nights

  • 12 days living an adventure in extreme south of Madagascar
  • Tsimanampetsotsa National Park visit
  • Special reserve of Cape Sainte Marie
  • A very unique experience that only few lived
  • Arrival in Fort Dauphin, green city


When you arrive in Toliara, during dry season only, we invite you to start a new adventure with a fabulous 4WD tour along the Southern coast of Madagascar.

From Toliara, you must take a boat to the fishermen village of Anakao. This village is open to tourism with several Eco-lodges. You can enjoy the view on the turquoise waters just in front of the only coral reef barrier of Madagascar. Some hotels offers diving.

Your 4X4 expedition will start from there, the true adventure begins now! You must hang on: there is no road there, just a sandy track very difficult to drive in but very charming thanks to the landscapes diversity. It’s a an unusual itinerary between a dry forest and the seaside. It will allow you to see things that few people have seen, the real bush and huge desert plains!  It is a total change of scenery. You will have trouble to find anyone there. If you want to meet with the Antandroy people, you have to go away from the seaside and go more deep inland.

On your way, you will stop at the Tsimanampetsotsa National park, located  85Km out of Toliara, a very unique place with a biological strategic importance. There is an endemic pink flamingo that can only be found here. Tsimanampetsotsa is a paradise of ornithologists. Scientists found recently bones from a prehistoric giant lemur there, total adventure we said!

You will also visit the special reserve of Cap Sainte Marie, the southerner point of Madagascar Island. You can watch huge cliffs, the lighthouse, and the extreme south landscapes here.

The tour ends in Fort-Dauphin, the green city in south east Madagascar. This city is in the middle of green hills and tumultuous Indian ocean. If you have still time, you can visit the Evatra tip, the Nahampoana private reserve or the Lokaro bay.

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