Racing Mada 2016: A logistic success for Boogie Pilgrim

The 1st edition of Racing Madagascar was held 21 to 26 July 2016. Boogie Pilgrim, as exclusive partner of the organization, was there to deal with the logistics of this exceptionnal event!

Racing Madagascar is a 150 kays running-race event in 6 days. This 1st editions has 23 participants from all around the world (Madagascar, South Africa, Argentina, United Kingdom, Macau or France).

The challenge was high for Boogie Pilgrim’s teams, in charge of the logistics and of the camps put up. Indeed the race was in 6 days in the most remote but also beautiful areas of northern Madagascar. Therefore camps have been put up and put down everyday to follow the race caravan. A unique logistic challenge in Madagascar. Below are few key figures:

  • 50 people daily involved: Cook team, camp staff, logstics… a small roving village all in all!
  • 6 camps with 30 tents to put up and down every day, 80 matresses
  • 20 vehicules involved: 15+ 4×4, 2 Renault TRM 4000 trucks (AKA “Kosovos”), 1 unimog
  • 400 bottles of water, 170 kilos of food, 2500 liters of non drinking water for showers and cooking
  • 200 kms done in the most remote areas of Diana’s region (Photos can attest this!)

A real adventure that will be done again next year. Indeed Racing Madagascar organizes its 2nd edition from 11 to 16 July 2017. Go quick on their website to book your seat!