BOOGIE’S SOLIDARITY is a Malagasy nonprofit organization created by Sonja Gottlebe & Patrice Raoull, CEO and Project manager at BOOGIE PILGRIM Group, both long-time experienced in Sustainable Tourism and Humanitarian work.

The association’s aim is to improve social, health and environmental precarious situations of the communities, primarily in the neighborhood of our lodges.


Tsara camp opened its doors in 1999. From the begining and with the support of its foreign visitors, Tsara Camp has provided the primary school of the nearby village called Andonaka with desks and supplies for the 75 students at that time (2000 and 2001). Since then, Tsara camp supplies on a regular basis this school with pens, books, chalk sticks… The village can be visited by our guests, the inhabitants are very friendly. We ask you to remain quiet during the visit to respect the peace of the village. Moreover, we ask you to not give presents to the children as begging does not exists in this preserved village, despite the foreign visitors. However we are always looking for support for the school and the clinic. Your supplies are of course welcome !
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In constant improvement, the village adjoining to Tsara camp has been built for the staff. It is supplied with the same water and electricity systems used for the camp. Although the Tsara camp employees are almost all coming from the valley, we found more comfortable to accommodate our coworkers close to the camp, to ease their everyday life. The village has houses only and can reach the population of 50 people during malagasy holidays! A kitchen garden has been undertaken to feed the restaurant as well as the staff’s village. We already have fruits coming from it !