How to share a special moment with our guests introducing them all the natural treasures hidden in Madagascar? How to create alternative tourism products with positive local impact?
Our way to do it ? With care as Madagascar is the home of 90% endemic fauna and flora. But as Madagascar is a developing country, our environment is easily abused, local communities receive an unfairly low return from tourism activity.
As a travel to Madagascar organizer, we believe that we have a prominent place in nature conservation and in fair trade tourism.
It is the reason why we have chose the way of Responsible and Sustainable Tourism.


Dubai, the 15th of October, 2005, the first prize in Ecotourism has been given to Sonja Gottlebe, Boogie Pilgrim manager for her sustainable project in Anjozorobe by the DRV (German Association of the Tourism Professionals). An unexpected opportunity to present travel Madagascar to the best German companies in Tourism.
Sonja applied for the second time for this international challenge existing since 1987. The initiative comes from DRV, the largest association of German Tourism Industry (5000+ members). Each year a country receives the recognition from a jury of environmental experts, university professors, and the German government.

The winner of this contest is not necessarily the most biggest nor the most expensive project. The most important for the jury is to recognize exemplary, efficient and innovative initiatives that make the tourism industry environment friendly. The jury also assessed the capacity of the project to succeed and its sustainability level.
The 2005 winning project MANANARA LODGE was opened in 2007 and reflected the ambitions of its owners at this time. It was unfortunately closed in 2014 because of a fire which destroyed almost all the hotel.

During the Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Awards 2008, BOOGIE PILGRIM was awarded in the TOUR OPERATOR category and ranked “highly recommended”.
The ceremony took place in November 2008 during the huge tourism exhibition “World Travel Market” held in London. Sonja Gottlebe was introduced by Mr. Justin Francis, Managing Director of and founder of the contest, and by Mrs. Amanda Wills, Managing Director of Virgin Holidays, sponsor of the contest.
The Jury said : ” The leading company in responsible tourism Boogie Pilgrim, incoming tour operator, has made over the past ten years the evidence that tourism can contribute to improve conditions of life for local communities thanks to jobs creation, local procurement of goods and services, and conservation of the environment “

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Between 2014 & 2018, Bush House and Tsara Camp were certified Fair Trade in Tourism®. Audits were focused on:

  • Fair wages and working conditions
  • Fair purchasing and operations
  • Equitable distribution of benefits
  • Respect for human rights, culture and environment

In January 2015, Sonja Gottlebe, founder and manager of Boogie Pilgrim, was certified “Travelife Sustainability Manager”. She has successfully completed the Travelife Sustainability Management training course for tour operators and travel agents. All requirement have been met to earn the title of Travelife Sustainability Manager.

After the 2 FTT certification for the lodges, Boogie Pilgrim was FTT approved as Tour Operator for 3 years (2015-2018). The approbation label means that Boogie Pilgrim was allowed to sell FTT certified travel to Madagascar.

Boogie Pilgrim has successfully passed the 4 audits concerning :

  1. Showing a good & sustainable management inside the company
  2. Create fair & transparent work environment for the employees
  3. Develop and maintain fair & transparent relationships with the company’s providers
  4. Transparent communication with the clients and to keep on improving the services offered

More infos on FTT NGO :

In December 2018, we registered our non-profit association BOOGIE’s SOLIDARITY, an initiative from Sonja Gottlebe, CEO, and Patrice Raoull, Project Manager of Boogie Pilgrim. Capitalizing on 20 years of significant experience in Sustainable Tourism, Boogie’s Solidarity is the ultimate operational arm from Boogie Group, dedicated to commit ourselves into more sustainable projects on the field. Our core values are access to Human Rights, to reduce poverty, health, social, cultural and environmental precariousness among target communities mostly around our lodges.

Details of projects and information are available on our website and with Sonja & Patrice directly.