visit madagascar with Sonja Gottlebe

Sonja Gottlebe

Founder & General Manager

Sonja is in Madagascar since she was ten years old. She is originally from Germany, so she started Boogie Pilgrim in 1988 to sell tours in Madagascar to her compatriots. Since then, the business has increased with the opening of lodges, an outdoor adventure company, and international sport events. Sonja is still the managing director of the travel Madagascar company, 32 years later and launched recently the Company’s Foundation Boogie’s Solidarity with her husband Patrice.
visit madagascar with Patrice Raoul

Patrice Raoull

Project Manager

Patrice is the face of new projects at Boogie. He joined the company in 2012 and since then is in charge of business innovation. He handles the development of accessible tourism, lodge improvements, outdoor adventure races. Patrice is project manager for Boogie’s Solidarity.

Vivi Razaka

Travel Designer & Expert Guide

Vivi is working for Boogie Pilgrim for more than 20 years! He started as an in-house guide and then helped building the 2 lodges. Vivi is now guiding tours and designs special interest tours for Boogie Pilgrim. He comes from Fianarantsoa and his favorite region in Madagascar is the South.

Saholy Razafindratsima

Tour Manager

Saholy is working for Boogie for more than 20 years now. She started as an in-house guide and then moved to travel consulting. She is at the head of the operations today. She makes sure the tour booked by the team are well organized. She also designs tours everywhere in Madagascar for groups booked by the biggest travel agencies abroad.

Hassanate Mohamed

Travel Consultant

Hassanate joined the company in 2008 and since then she became a true expert of family and couple tours in Madagascar. She come from Mananjary, a city in the tropical East of Madagascar. Her favorite region is the North of Madagascar and especially Diego Suarez for the white sand beaches, crystal blue waters, and national parks. Visit Madagascar with the help of Hassanate to live an extraordinary experience.

Zo Rakotoaridera

Senior Travel Consultant

Zo started at Boogie Pilgrim in 2008, as booking agent. She manages now the FIT (Fully Independent Travelers) department with two booking agents. She is from Antananarivo but her favorite region is the East of Madagascar, because it’s green and tropical. Zo is the person in charge of your requests made on the website, don’t hesitate hit the contact button for a fully tailor-made tour!

Anja Rabetafika

Junior Travel Consultant

Native of the Highlands, Anja is a real nature lover. She loves the North and the hidden treasures : acrobatics of the lemurs, the folklore atmosphere of the remote villages, the Malagasy sympathy. It is with passion & enthusiasm she will build you a tailor-made tour to discover Madagascar.

Bodo Andrianasolo

Senior Travel Consultant

Born in Madagascar, Bodo grew up in the highlands. Passionate by her country and its multiple faces, she quickly was interested by the tourism industry. Madagascar is a fascinating island with outstanding landscapes, high endemicity rate and welcoming inhabitants. Bodo has only one wish: make you discover this appealing island where time seems to have stopped.

Rindra Ramiaramanana

Junior Travel Consultant

Rindra joined us recently (2019), she has one year experience in the tourism industry but knows well the island. She’s working on tailor made tours in Madagascar and was born & raised in Moramanga, in the east of Madagascar. Rely on Rindra to get the best tour in Madagascar, she will make sure everything will go well!