New restaurant in Tsara Camp

Have you ever wonder how to build a building in the middle of nowhere? Away from any building company? This illustrated article will show it to you! The opening of the new restaurant is scheduled in 2017!

The site of the new restaurant with a spectacular view

Step 1: Cut the Granite

Preparation of the tools is as much important as the work itself. Here you can see the worker heating the cutting stones to sharp them as much as possible to help the stone cutters in their labor. The bike wheel rim is an ingenious device blowing on the embers to reach the minimum heat required to forge steel.
Once the tools are ready, the workers cut the granite. The raw granite blocks are cut into smaller cube blocks for the building foundations and also into small gravel for the mortar.

Step 2: Foundation and Scaffolding

Granite gravel is mixed with sand, water and cement to make the mortar that will stick the granite cubes together.
Wooden Scaffoldings are put up around the building in order to put up the walls.

Step 3: Brick and Clay Walls

Bicks delivery: Bricks are made of red laterite clay and water, cooked in traditional oven. They are not available in our region (Knowledge and materials are missing), therefore we had to import them from the neighbouring region of Fianarantsoa. Bricks are used to give a strong shape to the building.
Clay walls: red clay is delivered and mixed with water and straw to make it stick.
Some of the building’s walls are made with bricks (Kitchen) and the others are made of clay (dinning room). The putting up of the clay walls is much more demanding than the brick walls, workers have to wait every meter up for the clay to dry.

Step 4: The Frame

The central gable putting up is a delicate operation that gathers spectators to watch it.
Once the 3 gables are put up, we move to the frame, then workers build the roof with corrugated iron.

Stage 5: The Result

On the left, outside view of the building (Terrace), in the middle: inside view, and on the right: The outstanding view on the Mount Chameleon from the new terrace!
The final result, without finishing works of course! If you want as much as us to enjy the panoramic restaurant of Tsaranoro Valley while having lunch, save the date for inauguration in the 1st semester of 2017!