Mount Chameleon | Mount Tsaranoro

Andringitra Mountainous Chain | Viewed from the sacred forest

Morning walk | The Camp viewed from the other side of the river

Authentic Place | Welcome to the valley

Sunset in the Valley | Red colors


After several trips to South Africa, we have been convinced that Giraffes and Elephants are not essential to have safari accommodation in Madagascar! In 2000, we imported a hundred meters of canvas and made our own tents to build the first tented camp of the island: Tsara Camp.


TSARA CAMP has varied and spectacular surroundings, illuminated by red and ochre lights, such as in a Western movie! The Lodge is settled in a half-circle, looking as Far West wagons around the campfire! The Tsaranoro valley is just a paradise for nature, mountain, and photography lovers ! Hiking, walking, exploring wilderness to spice to your journey among us.


Today we have 18 tents settled in a half-circle, all equipped with :

  • Double or Twin beds with mosquito nets
  • Private bathrooms (Open sky shower!)
  • Closet
  • little table
  • Terrace with the view on all surrounding mountains
  • solar heated 24/7 water supply
  • Electricity is provided twice a day by a soundless generator from 6 to 8 am and from 5 to 10 pm
  • Accessible tourism: 1 room is adapted  to persons with reduced mobility


The Tsara Camp is in the middle of the Tsaranoro Valley. The valley is surrounded by 3 mountains: the Tsaranoro mount (1 910m above sea level, 800m from the bottom of the valley), the Chameleon mount (1 540m above sea level, 600m from the bottom of the valley) and at last by the mountain range marking the beginning of Andringitra National Park.

Our Lodge is close to 3 scenic waterfalls, the Zomandao river is flowing all along this valley.


Located at the bottom of the camp, the new restaurant of Tsara Camp has been build in 2017. Breakfast is served as a buffet. It is generous to keep you fit for all day long, especially if you are trekking. Picnics can be prepared. We have daily menus and serve vegetarian food spontaneously. On request, we open the kitchen for cooking lessons with you! The Bar offers a selection of drinks and cocktails, and of course, the traditional local rum assortment. As you have been driving through Madagascar’s wine region, we’ll allow you to taste local wines from our area!

 The lounge in the middle of the camp is the ideal place to share a sunset drink or to read a book. It is decorated with the famous wooden totems called “Alohalo.” At last, the Bar inside the restaurant is a pleasant place reproducing a traditional Malagasy Epi-bar (Grocery store + Bar). It is the place to be in every Malagasy village, where people buy small groceries they need for the day, and sometimes share a drink!