Opening of the most beautiful restaurant in Tsaranoro Valley

As announced at the begining of the year, the new restaurant in Tsara Camp, in Tsaranoro Valley, is open for few weeks now. Its building took 6 months and the result is great: with good furnitures and amazing views on the mountaneous chain of Andrigintra National Park. Come and enjoy the best restaurant of the Tsaranoro Valley, in Tsara Camp!

The restaurant is very original, especially with these local fish nests used as chandeliers!
The bar as also a very personal touch, to keep on this typical atmosphere of the restaurant. Its architecture is inspired from the famous Malagasy Epi-bars. These Epi-bars are both the place where you share a drink with the other inhabitants of the village, but also the place where you do your everyday shopping for dinner. At the back, you an see the new open kitchen.
Gardens have also been refurbished. Here, the light comes from an oil lamp converted to electric bulbs. At the back, you can see the traditionnal patio, repainted and brand new for your sunset drinks when weather is hot!
The outdoor furnitures, on the panoramic terrace, has been choosen according to their originality but mostly according to their provenance: Everything is made in Madagascar!