Well- known worldwide for the white sand beaches, Nosy Be is the main tourist area of Madagascar. But the “Island of Perfumes” has also an unique and wealthy seabed. In the depths, the whale shark Madagascar is the king here. Everyday during or 3 months of the year, you can come to Nosy Be to meet with the biggest shark in the world… Contrary to appearances, the beast is completely harmless: the whale shark feeds on small-size preys such as plankton and krill. Also seaweeds, small shellfishes, small squids or fishes less than 10cm long (mackerels…). The safety instructions are given mostly to protect them, not the divers! During briefings before diving, the teams explains how to behave under water in order to limit the impacts from your observation on the animal. After all, isn’t he very kind already to let you swim on his side? 110 individuals have been observed this year inside the bay.

You must hurry, the moment is very furtive: the silhouette of the shark appears only few centimeters away from you. The shark can be up to 9 meters long… I let you imagine the immensity of the beast when swimming on his side! However, he never stays for long. You can still try to follow him, but it will be very hard.

The specie is endangered, hunted in Asia for its flesh and fin. In Madagascar, the guides try to protect them by counting the population inside the area. At the end of the 3 months staying on the surface, the shark disappears at more than 2000 meters deep… Nosy Be is one of the few places in the world where you can watch him, in respect of his environment. Another whale specie along the coasts, earlier in the year: the humpback whales Madagascar

Source: France Info 12-26-2017

N.B. (Nota Boogie) : Swim with the whale shark Madagascar during your tour in Northern Madagascar. The whale shark can be seen from September to December every year. Tour is available here: Nosy Be.