Baobabs Adansonia Grandidieri | Western Region

Camping on the sand banks | Onilahy river | Southern Region

Lemurs are watching you | Everywhere in Madagascar
Humpback whale migration | From June to September | Western Region



Madagascar has around 25 millions people for 18 ethnic groups and so many lifestyles, subcultures and language variants. The Island of 600kms width (East to West) and 1600kms long (North to South) is huge and offers large range of landscapes that are unique! 90% of the animal and vegetal species living in Madagascar are only living on the Island (What we call “Endemicity”). Madagascar is a combination between experiences with the Malagasy people and the discovering of its wonderful land. Travel in Madagascar is always an adventure. By choosing Boogie Pilgrim, Tour operator since 1988 in Madagascar, put as much as possible the odds on your side to have a successful journey that will blow your mind.

Holidays Madagascar: Our “FAQ” inspired from our visitors’ frequently asked questions when exhibiting during international tourism shows


Below you will find a gallery that will give you an outlook of what to do in Holidays Madagascar. Usually and to help you choose, we split Madagascar in 4 large regions:

  • Western Region : Morondava, Majunga, Baobabs Alley, Grey Tsingy…
  • Eastern Region : Tamatave, Andasibe Mantadia NP, Sainte Marie, Tropical East…
  • Southern Region : National Road 7, Isalo NP, Ranomafana NP, Antsirabe, Tulear, Fort Dauphin…
  • Northern Region : Nosy Be, Diego Suarez, Amber Mountain NP, Red and Grey Tsingy…

Each picture has a legend mentioning the region it was taken. Let us know with our contact form which region interest you the most for your travel Madagascar. You must count between 1 week and 10 days to visit one region. If you can’t find inspiration, our booking agents will be here to assist you.