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If you are looking for an adventure, to discover places inaccessible by conventional means of transport, far from the beaten tracks, then this unusual concept is for you!

Come and join us on NOFY BE our 58 feet “botry” (a wooden gaff-rigged schooner sailing boat, also known as “goélette” in French). Traditionally used for freight it has been adapted to host up to 8 passengers on cruises.

Setting sail from various locations on the West coast of Madagascar, our intrepid passengers will be led by the winds on a trip back in time along the Canal of Mozambique. Hopping from island to island, anchoring in secret bays, meeting the local “Vezo Sakalava” populations, the Nomads of the Sea, exploring undiscovered and hidden locations, scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing, and even whale and dolphin watching.

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