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9 days / 8 nights

  • A journey in Paradise : Sainte Marie Island
  • On your way: Visit of Pangalanes Channel
  • Lemurs and endemic species
  • Masoala tropical forest in option


Explore the eastern coast of Madagascar: often referred as “Madagascar’s Garden”. Luxurious vegetation and evergreen rain forests will be part of your tour. The meeting with many fauna & flora endemic species too. There is more: A journey on paradise Sainte Marie Island!

Highlights of this tour:

  • Sainte Marie island: This small island located on the eastern side of Madagascar and used to be a haven for pirates. Sainte Marie Island is famous for its beautiful beaches with coconut and palm trees. On the seaside, humpback whales watching is from June to September. You can also dive there. On the landside, you can visit small villages nested in the vegetation, visit the pirates’ cemetery and meet with the charming inhabitants of this island isolated from the rest of the world.
  • Anjozorobe forest: one of the last vestiges of dense rain forest on the highland and home to a huge biodiversity, a dreamland for nature lovers and birdwatchers.
  • The pangalanes channel: a chain of sweet water lakes & rivers. The link between of them was artificially built during colonial times to ease transportation of spices from north to south along the eastern coast of Madagascar. Pangalanes Channel is 600 km long parallel to Indian ocean. Indeed, this ocean is to much rough to sail on a regular basis. Sometimes, the land separating the canal from the ocean is not larger than a few meters!
  • The private reserve: On the Canal, this private reserve is the home of a dozen species of lemurs and several species of endemic flora.
  • Masoala National Park: A must do for hikers! It is the largest rain forest of Madagascar. The biodiversity and high endemism level are so impressive there that a full part of it was replicated for the Zurich’s zoo! In addition, coral reefs along Cape Masoala allows you to scuba dive in crystal-clear waters.

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