This tour offers the opportunity to discover western Madagascar in more adventurous way, by combining hiking, canoeing and 4WD expedition. Majority of our nights will be spent under tents, the only accommodation option in most areas.
To summarize, this trip consists of :

  • 3 days crossing the volcanic landscapes of Itasy area from Tana to Belobaka through Ampefy and Tsiroanomandidy, during which we will discover volcanic craters around the Itasy lake, cross landscapes of hills and valleys and meet convoys of zebu carts carrying their harvests to major markets,
  • 2 days trekking through the mountains of Bongolava from Belobaka to Ankavandra, during which we will cross wild landscapes of hills and canyons, and will meet with the locals who travel by these trails, the only means of communication in this remote area
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