On the Mitsio archipelago, one hour and a half speedboat from Nosy-Be, TSARABANJINA, a paradise and sacred island. offers the art of living the exceptional, a bit closer to nature. A private island whose lush vegetation is home to sea-bird colonies such as the fish eagle and the famous Madagascar bird of paradise…
At Tsarabanjina, the luxury is the nature. Here, nothing is flashy. Happiness lies in the authenticity of the places. We go barefoot, even to the bar whose fine sandy ground opens onto the lagoon.
The atmosphere is informal, but elegant at Tsarabanjina, which even has a boutique where you can pick up Malagasy arts and crafts and clothes. And if you are worried about getting bored between swimming, diving and taking walks to discover your private island, the library proposes a wide choice of books and games.
We told you, TSARABANJINA, a real, little slice of paradise…

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